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Expert Web Designer Needed to create a beautiful web design for an incredible photo company DateImageFebruary 09,2016

I need a super duper talented web designer to create a lovely design for our photography website.

We only need design.

The designer should be very aware of branding etc. and duplicate this in the final product

Digital Nomads Hustle for a Life of Work and Play DateImageSeptember 06,2015

How do you travels the world and work 40+ hours each week? Digital Nomads Jeremy and Sondra Orozco say it's all about the hustle. "We have eight hours per day to work, eight hours for fun, and eight hours to sleep — plus the weekends for taking pictures and videos that make our friends jealous. This is slow travel." Learn how the Digital Nomad lifestyle works for Sondra and Jeremy in their latest update, from Viet

What is a Web Programming? DateImageSeptember 06,2015

Web programming can be briefly categorized into client and server coding. The client side needs programming related to accessing data from users and providing information. It also needs to ensure there are enough plug ins to enrich user experience in a graphic user interface, including security measures.


  1. To improve user experience and related functionalities on the client side, JavaScript is usually