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It’s easy to overlook independent workers. Jobider Enterprise is a freelancer management system that was established to effortlessly hire, engage, and pay independent contractors

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Use State-of-the-art Technology to Engage Highly-skilled Professionals:

Finding first-rate freelancers can be difficult and may take a substantial amount of time. On the other hand, several independent service providers complain that clients treat them like vendors instead of individuals. Jobider Enterprise is a simplified platform powered by Human Resources to source, hire, and pay a company’s entire network of independent contractors. Jobider Enterprise also has a variety of built-in communication tools developed to foster consistent, personalized interactions which will help strengthen your organizational culture and keep all members of your team engaged. If you’re looking for new members for your team project, try tapping into Jobider talent. Jobider is a global network of independent service providers with highly-specialized skills.

At Jobider we can help you hire fresh new talent from our network of job bidders who are qualified and highly-skilled in different areas:

  • Technology: systems administrators, back-end developers, engineers
  • Content:writers, editors, web designers, graphic designers
  • Data: researchers, analysts, data scientists
  • Operations: customer support, administrative support, finance

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