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What jobs are offered on Jobider?

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, a fresh graduate or a professional looking for a part-time job, Jobider has a project for you. Clients come to us posting online jobs for freelancers with different types of expertise. We offer jobs for writers, data entry specialists, virtual assistants, web developers, web designers, graphic artists, telemarketers, customer service representatives, accountants, architects, engineers, and many more.

At Jobider, we offer full-time jobs part-time jobs. We have fixed price projects,entry level jobs and jobs for experts in various fields.


How can I start work at Jobider?

You need to have a working computer and a reliable Internet connection. If you have both, you are ready to create aFreelancer profile.

Your profile will serve as your online resuméas well as marketing tool for your services. Spend some time creating your profile – one that is well written and has a professional-looking photo. This will increase your chances of impressing prospective employers, eventually helping you to land a job.


How will clients hire me?

You need to apply to jobs just like in the corporate world. You can start by looking for jobs that you are qualified for. This means jobs that match your skill set.When you find one, you can apply by sending the client a cover letter.

Bear in mind that there are other applicants for the job, so if you want to get the attention of potential clients, you need to write an impressive cover letter. It should be well-conceived, well-written, and free of grammatical and spelling errors. It should also be specifically tailored to the job that you are applying for, and it should contain an accurate and up-to-date description of your skills and experience.
If you are qualified for multiple jobs, you can actually apply to all of them. You can apply for different job openings as long as you have the right skills for the task at hand. We encourage this to increase your chances of getting hired.


Can Jobider help me build a career?

Absolutely! Jobider can help you build a career that is professionally and financially rewarding. Every time you deliver excellent work, you will receive positive feedback, open more opportunities to find work and earn more money.

In order to be successful in your online career, you need to be responsive to all your client’s needs. You need to be honest about your abilities as well as the progress of each project that you are working on. You must keep communication lines open as much as possible so you can discuss any issues that crop up along the way. This will ensure that you and your client are on the same page, and ultimately this will help you deliver high-quality work on time, every time! When clients are satisfied with yourwork, expect more opportunities to come your way.


How will clients pay me on Jobider?

Jobider will process all payments. Payments are guaranteedsafe and secure. The following are methods that you can use to receive funds. Please choose whatever is available in your area:



Those who work on fixed-priceprojects have pre-funded milestone payments that are secure under Jobider’s Escrow Protection.


Who can sign up as a jobbidder or freelancer?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old; has skills to offer and a reliable internet connection can bid on jobs and be a freelancer. We have an extensive range of clients from all over the world. They post online jobs seeking a wide variety of skills and experience. We have a lot in store for you…infact we have new job openings every day!

What is the difference between online work and working at an office?

As a freelancer, you won’t have to go through the hassle and hardship of commuting to and from the office. You can work from the comfort of home or anywhere you like as long as you have a computer or laptop and a fast and reliable internet connection.

In addition, you don't have to limit yourself to applying for jobs near your home. You can now work with different clients from different countries. Say goodbye to limits and boundaries and welcome freedom and new opportunities to build a rewarding online career.

However, you still need to apply for jobs the traditional way. You will go through interviews and once hired, you are expected to communicate honestly and consistently with clients. Just like corporate employees, you are expected to deliver excellent work and should adhere to set deadlines.

How do you work with an online client?

Working with an online client is similar to working with an employer in a typical office setting. You still apply for jobs that you qualify for, go through interviews and once hired, you have to communicate well with your client and other members of the team. You have to exert time and effort to build rapport with your client.

Select jobs carefully

  • When a potential client interviews you for a job, don't be hesitant to ask questions. Inquire about details of the project, what the client expects of you and how your performance performance will be evaluated.

  • Make sure the demands of the job and the desired deadline are reasonable and you have enough time to execute the task well.

  • If you feel that the project or the client is not the right fit, do not be pressured into accepting it, just tactfully turn it down.

Start Strong

  • Be proactive. When a client hires you, talk to him/her about the strategy for the project, the frequency of communication and what mode of communication you are going to use (e.g. email, Skype, phone, etc.).

  • Agree on project deadlines. Make sure that deadlines are reasonable.

  • Make sure that you have all the information needed to get started with the project.

Maintain constant communication

  • Communicate with your client on a regular basis - at least once a week. Convey your schedule,what you have already accomplished, what you are currently working on – even if the client is not asking for anything.

  • Always adhere to deadlines. If you can not meet a deadline, notify your client immediately and inform him/her when you will be able to finish the task.

  • Respond immediately when a client sends a message. Clients become concerned when a freelancer does not contact them.

Ask your client to provide feedback

  • Try to submit work earlier than the set deadline so,  you can determine if the client is happy with your performance.

  • Once approved, proceed to the next step.

  • Make sure that the client has everything he/she needs at the end of the contract.

What is the Jobider Service Fee?

For Clients

Whenever we charge a client on a contract, Jobider will receive a share through the Jobider service fee. This represents a certain percentage of the agreed amount for fixed-price projects. The rates, bids, and charges that you see as a client are inclusive of fees.

For Job Bidders (freelancers)

Every time we charge a client on a contract, 8% goes to Jobider, representing the service fee.This means it is the job bidder who pays the service fee, and we never show this to clients. As such, we encourage job bidders to talk to clients about total charges inclusive of fees because clients only see the total billing rate or bid on job applications, contracts and job bidder profiles.

Most of the job bidder reports show only total charges, inclusive of fees. Clients also see these. However, in job bidder pages, we break down fees in the Earnings and Transactions Reports. The total amount that you bill is your legal income and the fees that you pay may be deductible business expenses.

How do I start working on a contract?

First, you need to create an impressive profile. which will serve as your personal page on Jobider. It is where you introduce yourself and showcase your skills, experienceand expertise. You can share your educational background, achievements and work history. Your profile page is of utmost importance because it will show potential clients why they should hire you. The best profile:

  • is complete and error-free

  • has your most recent, friendly and professional-looking photo

  • has the results of your skills tests to show clients you know what you are doing

When you have completed your profile and passed some skill tests, you can start applying for jobs.

How can I find the right jobs?

Before applying for jobs, you need to decide how you want to work. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to work full-time or part-time?

  • How many hours can you dedicate to a project?

Once you’ve made the decision, you can start searching for jobs that will suit your skills and preferences. Go through job descriptions carefully to choose which projects you are most qualified for and determine which ones meet your criteria.

When you find the right one, apply using a well-written and error-free cover letter customized specifically for that job.

Here are some tips on how to successfully land a job on Jobider:

  • Search for jobs every day.

  • Set up a job feed to get notifications about job posts from Jobider

  • Try applying to at least 10 jobs.

How will Jobider help me manage my work?

Jobider is a user-friendly platform that helps you communicate with clients, share files and other documents. We help track your time and facilitate payments.

For fixed-price jobs:

  • You and your client need to discuss and set milestones and deadlines for each part of the project.

  • You submit work for each milestone and adhere to the specified deadline.

  • Jobider provides Paypal Protection, which keeps milestone funds secure and ready for release once a client approves your milestone progress.

What type of clients can I work with on Jobider?

We have an extensive range of registered clients on Jobider. Some are startups, while others are small businesses and big corporations. Some clients need a freelancer to design their website and write the content. Others need a virtual assistant or a bookkeeper. Some big companies need someone to create an application. Jobider provides all freelancers a wide variety of jobs to choose from. Just pick projects that you would love to work on.

Why should I work on Jobider instead of working directly with clients?

At Jobider, you’ll find several job listings in one place. We have Business Managers, who will help you with any issues that you have with your client, your job or your Jobider account. We also provide feedback tools that allow freelancers to build their reputation in a verifiable way, which can lead to higher rates.

How much can I earn if I work on Jobider?

Your earnings on Jobider depend on your work experience and the demand for your skills. When you build a solid reputation through consistent excellent performance, you will be able to increase your rate.

How much do I have to pay to sign up on Jobider?

Signing up on Jobider is free. When you get hired, we deduct an 8% service fee plus disbursement fee from each payment.

Rate Calculator

When job bidders apply to a job, they will see a rate calculator. When figures are entered in the rate calculator, it will estimate how much the freelancer will earn after paying the necessary fees. We charge the client the exact billing rate that the freelancer enters. There are instances when the resulting 8 % fee is a number with more than two decimal points that must be rounded up to the nearest cent with each transaction.

What is Jobider Payment Protection?

Jobider Payment Protection provides security and peace of mind to clients and job bidders working together on fixed-price projects.

Jobider Fixed-Price Protection

When a client and a job bidder agree on doing a fixed-price project, the client pays the job bidder for deliverables rather than by the hour. This program helps ensure that clients receive work that they asked for. It also ensures that job bidders get paid for work completed. With the Jobider Fixed-Price Protection, clients who make the fixed-price offer will deposit a milestone payment into escrow before work begins. When they receive and approve the work, payment will be released to the job bidder. If the job is not completed as agreed or required by the client, we advise both parties to negotiate the matter before requesting jobider to intervene and settle the issue. If the matter has been forwarded to us, the jobider resolution team will review the statement written during the contract agreement and decide based on the available evidence.

Please check the Jobider User Agreement and Fixed-Price Escrow Instructions for full terms and conditions.

What is Jobider credit and how do I qualify?

Jobider credit is a promotional offer given to eligible clients through events, partnerships, and email. Credits may be used by our qualified clients to pay job bidders.

To redeem the credit you need to:

  1. Log in to your Jobider account

  2. Visit

  3. Submit your coupon code

Terms and conditions will apply to each Jobider credit, and all credits are subject to the terms of the Jobider User Agreement. Credits are subject to Australian laws, void where prohibited, not redeemable for cash, have no face value, and cannot be combined with any other coupon. Jobider has the right to cancel, amend, or revoke the Jobider Credits at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Jobider credit, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support.

Does Jobider have an affiliate or referral program?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are still in the process of developing our affiliate and referral programs. This page will be updated as soon as the programs become available.

What browsers does Jobider support? supports the most recent version of these browsers:

To be able to securely access the Jobider website, all users, regardless of what browser they use, must enable TLS protocols. SSL protocols are outdated and inadequately secure when used with older Windows systems. will work in older browsers, but our developers have found that some features may not be operational or functional.

If you are using an older version browser and facing technical problems, please try to use a newer version of a supported browser by clicking one of the links above before you contact Jobider Customer Support.

How to enable TLS on Windows:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (IE). IE is used for Windows’ settings for internet security even if you prefer using another browser to access the web.

  2. In IE, go to Tools menu, click on Internet Options then, click the Advanced tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Security section of the Settings list. Uncheck the boxes to disable all SSS protocols and check the boxes to enable all TLS protocols.

Account Settings and Security

Account Info

1) How do I change or reset my password?

Your password, along with the security question, protects your account from fraud and unauthorized access. Do not share your password credentials with anyone and never let others log into the site, using your Jobider account.


  • Remember that passwords are case-sensitive.

  • Be very careful every time you enter your password.

  • Create a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

To change your password:

  1. Log in to Jobider with your email address and current password.

  2. On your Dashboard, click on “Edit Your Profile” under your name.

  3. On your profile page, under “Basic Details,” just click on “Change Password.”

  4. Fill up the form on the next page and proceed to change your password.

Forgot your password? Just reset it by following these steps:

First, you must make sure that you can access the email address you have on file with Jobider.

  1. Click on “Forgot Password” on the log in page. Enter your email address. You will receive an email from Jobider, which will allow you to reset your password. You need to check your spam, junk, and trash folders if you can’t find the reset email that we send. This email is time sensitive for your security. The reset link will only work for one hour.

  2. Click on the link in the email to set your new password.

If you suspect that your Jobider account has been compromised:

  1. Change your security question immediately.

  2. Change your password.

  3. Contact Customer Support immediately to report the problem.

2) How do I reset my security question?

Your security question protects the sensitive information that is in your account. We provide you this extra security measure to protect your account from fraud and unauthorized access to your financial information.


  • Be very careful when you enter your answer to your security question. It is case-sensitive. We have purposely made the resetting of your security question complicated to deter hackers.

  • The answer to your security question should be easy for you to recall/remember and difficult for others to guess. Don't share or show your password to others and never allow anyone to log in using your Jobider user ID and password.

To change your security question:

  1. Click on the Settings icon.

  2. Under User Settings, click “Change Security Question,” and fill up the form.

If you forget the answer to your security question:

  1. Make sure that you can access the email address on file with Jobider.

  2. Click the reset link.

  3. You will receive a message from Jobider in your email address that will allow you to reset your security question. Please try to check your spam, junk, and trash folders if you cannot find the reset email.

  4. For security reasons, this email is time sensitive. The reset link will only work for one hour.

  5. Follow the email link to set a new security question and password.

If you know the answer to your security question but it will not work for you, please contact Customer Support.

If you suspect that your account has been compromised:

  • Change your security question immediately.

  • Change your password.

  • Report the problem to Customer Support.