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“Jobider helps businesses of all sizes explore the possibilities and potentials offered by the freelancing community. The move towards online work now enables them to connect with a global pool of highly skilled professionals. But screening freelancers can be a hurdle for some people. That's why we've launched Jobider, a premium service that matches companies with hand-picked, pre-vetted freelancers to help businesses quickly expand their teams and accomplish critical initiatives.”

Jean Doe Creative Director

“Among 2015's most popular posts from the Hiring Headquarters, you will find resources to help unlock the benefits of tapping into the global freelance talent pool. These posts offer a better understanding of how to work with freelancers and demystify some of the more technical roles-like server-side scripting or mobile app development-you might be looking for. Jobider is the best job site to find the professional, skilled and talented freelancers.”

Flupke Promes Creative Director

“What's the latest news about the future of work? This week's roundup highlights the qualities shared by successful freelancers, an app that helps you find casual workspaces, and an expert's advice for managing your freelance business. ”

Chris Nash Creative Director


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"It’s really hard to find subject matter experts who can also communicate clearly. Our freelancers have all kinds of skills and competencies. Jobider Enterprise helps us leverage our freelancers in new and exciting ways."


Jobider do not come with a lot of overhead costs. Jobider simply provide you with a proposal for the work. They quote a price and you can negotiate. Once you accept, that’s the amount you pay. You don’t have to pay for insurance, health care, travel time, mailing, equipment, office furniture and other expenses.