Jobider – About Us.

Jobider is a trusted online workplace where businesses associate and work with thousands of skilled freelancers from around the world.

 Our company is based in South Australia and was founded in 2014 by individuals who felt the need to create and promote “work from home opportunities” for more people in both First World and Third World countries. It is our goal to connect clients and professional contractors to work as a productive online community.

Jobider is an innovative cross-border job platform created for today’s businesses and thousands of professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. With just a click of the mouse, we can help facilitate seamless, employment processes for businesses and freelancers from different countries.

We offer fast, secure, flexible and affordable employment solutions to business owners while providing a wide selection of online jobs for individuals seeking to build a career without being confined to an office space. In fact, freelancers are encouraged to work from anywhere in the world. We provide a platform where independent and consultancy-assisted freelancers and agencies can connect and work with small and large companies as well as private individuals.

Through Jobider, small, medium and large business owners can have access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals who, in turn, have several projects to choose from and numerous opportunities to earn dollars (USD) using their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Jobider showcases the skills of qualified freelancers in different fields: IT, Mobile and Web Development, Accountancy, Architecture, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Writing and Translation, Business Development, Customer Service, Administrative Support, and many more.

Jobider is the fastest and most efficient online job platform available to business owners and  qualified job-bidders/freelancers. It is a secure site where all members are verified prior to being selected and hired to work on specific projects. Unlike other job platforms,  Jobider- enables entrepreneurs and freelancers to benefit from collaborating with business managers who are responsible for verifying qualifications and shortlisting freelancers while providing support to job bidders during the selection process.

Business managers are also responsible for helping clients evaluate potential candidates for jobs, ensuring tasks get accomplished and communication is ongoing between job-bidders and employers from commencement through completion of a project.

Our business managers will make sure that all bids and job offers are well-matched. They are also responsible for handling all charges each party has to pay to Jobider. This makes it easier for clients and freelancers since they deal with only one group of people for all administrative and financial concerns.

For freelancers who want to work and be a part of our growing community, we invite you to sign up on Jobider as self-employed or as an employee. We require verifiable professional experience, proof of reliability and your dedication and willingness to work on a range of projects that you qualify for. We also encourage our clients to be specific about the skills required for each project and what expectations they have of their employees.

Jobider is the perfect place for freelancers to highlight their skills and experience to a global market. We help professionals connect to various businesses thereby creating a community of productive professionals and entrepreneurs all with a common goal of completing a project on time and at minimum cost.

All Jobider community members are verified and monitored continuously to ensure all tasks and transactions are accomplished without any problems. We also encourage our clients and freelancers to provide honest feedback about their experiences while working with each other. Your satisfaction is our top priority.