Client Guidelines

Here are a few tips on how to complete your projects on Jobider, from finding and hiring to working with the best bidders out there.

Act professionally to attract professionals

You will be able to attract the best professionals on Jobider only if you approach this business with respect and appreciation. To ensure your bidders’ interest and respect you must post complete job offers that also include verified payment methods.

A little effort goes a long way in finding the right Job bidder

Hiring people over the Internet is just as demanding as hiring people offline, through face-to-face interviews. You will receive many applications for your projects. However, finding the right job bidder for your initiative will require a bit of hard work. Here are some advices on how to make your work easier:

  • When posting a new job, make sure that there are as many details as possible in the description.

  • Give clear information regarding the job objective, deadlines and time frames.

  • Insert a brief questionary in your offer. Just a few key questions will help you select the right candidate.

  • Make sure that the payment for the job attracts the right job bidder. When requiring high quality, you will want to pay the correct amount to a top professional, who will not bid for a payment below his standards.

  • Reject the applications that are not fit for your project. This way, you will create an easier selection process while the rejected job bidder can pursue other opportunities.

  • Towards the end of your selection, try to interview the possible candidates and obtain as much information about their work ethic as possible.

  •  If needed, demand from the applicants to complete a small project, for a small fee. This will give you an idea of the style and professionalism of the candidate.

Great management begins with great communication

  • Maintain clear communication with your working partners throughout the project.

  • To make sure that your bidders understand the nature and goals of your job, call for an introductory meeting, where you can give as many details as possible and establish the ground rules.

  • Ensure you are always within your timeline limits by giving prompt responses to your bidders. This way, you will avoid that the job exceeds the deadline.

  • Ask for status reports. This way, you will be able to review and check their work.

  • Compliment the good job, but do not be harsh with the bidders if they provide bad work. Instead, try to give constructive criticism that will help both you and the bidder’s future projects.

Stay on top of your weekly routine

If you and your bidder get into a disagreement, Jobider allows you to file a dispute and settle the debate. However, to prevent this you can review the work of your bidder on a weekly basis and clarify if the completed work is in order with the payment received. Any difference here can be sorted out amicably between you and the bidder.

Last, but not least…

Your honest feedback on the bidder’s work, once the job is completed, will greatly help the other members of Jobider community. Take some time to talk about your recent project and the experience it has brought to you.