Job Bidder Guidelines

Successful job bidders are the ones who make Jobider exceptional! That is why we created the recommendations you are reading now – to help you land jobs more successfully, to help you advance in your career, to help you break through and prosper in the Jobider community.

Be Professional

Always act professionally! Professional communication is extremely important to get and keep clients.

Be well-mannered, respectful and polite. That is the animportant rule for everything you do on here –when you create your profile, when you write your cover letters, and when you take part in forum discussions.

Communicate Efficiently

Online communication has the same rules as communication in the real world –good manners, clarity and efficiency truly matter.

Make sure to communicate with your clients in a clear and timely manner. If your client is well-informed and happy with the quality of your work, he will be more likely to continue working with you.

If you want to be hired and valued by your clients, you will find the tips below very useful:

  • Assure that you and your client have agreed on all job details before you begin working. Important elements of that agreement should include: desired results, deadlines, and communication terms.

  • Be quick to answer questions and respond to messages.

  • Inform your client about your progress.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for all details until you have no doubt about the outcome your client expects.

  • Communicate with your client through the Message Centre to make sure everything is documented.

  • Make sure your client knows when you are available and when you are not. Always let them know in good time when you will be away and for how long.

  • If you have issues with the deadline, inform your client as soon as you can. Let them know what makes it difficult for you to finish the job on time and when you will manage to do so.

  • If you have trouble completing a project, don’t let your client unsatisfied. Contact Customer Service, so that they can provide support, in this case.

How to Kick Start Your Career

On Jobider you are your own boss and you are responsible for your own success. In order to grow your business, you have to become a good marketer of your skills. You will also have to find and negotiate the best jobs, and be really invested in your business.

Step One: Create a Great Profile

Your Jobider profile is your business card, your resume and portfolio – all in one page. Creating the best possible profile will help potential clients find you and choose you amongst the competition.

A complete and professional profile should include your full name, title and a real photo. In order to effectively showcase your abilities, you should include your past work experience, your education level and any certificates you have, as well as significant projects you have worked on.

To highlight your skills, you could take skill tests and publish their results on your profile.

Additional things to include in your Jobider profile to make it stand out could be a portfolio with examples of your previous work (Make sure your client doesn’t mind that first!) and/or letters of recommendation from previous clients.

As a final touch, check and double-check for errors, spelling and grammar mistakes – anything that may potentially make you look careless or unprofessional.

Avoid slanglanguage, including funny symbols or writing in UPPERCASE to grab attention. That will only damage your image.

You can use this as an example of an excellent Jobider profile.

Step Two: Find the Right Projects and Apply

Make sure you have the needed terlented skills and experience for the projects you apply to. Avoid bidding for jobs you are not sure you can finish successfully. First, you have a limited number of applications – you do not want to waste those on unreasonable bids. Second, if you fail to deliver good results that could hurt your reputation on Jobider and reduce your chances of getting the jobs you are good at.

The better you perform, the better the feedback you get will be. Moreover, great feedback will make it easier for you to be hired even more. So, choose and apply wisely!

Step Three: Write a Great Cover Letter

Your crafted cover letter is your first contact with a potential new client. It may take their attention and convince them to hire you amongst everybody else who applied.

A good cover letter shows that you have read the job advertisement carefully – don’t send a copy/pasted generic letter.

Mention your skills and experience which are most relevant to the job. Explain shortly to your potential employer why you are the best choice for his project.

Step Four: Prepare for Your Interview

Got an interview invitation? Great! Make sure you are well-prepared.

Read the job advertisement again: write down any questions and suggestions you have about the project, get ready to prove your skills and competences.

Make sure your microphone and headphones work properly, test your Skype (or whatever program will be used for the interview).Be on time for the interview, just as you would be for a face-to-face meeting.

During the conversation, be positive, polite and specific. Make sure all details about the job are discussed and, both you and your potential client understand and agree on them. End the conversation in a friendly manner, thanking your prospective client for their time.

Be Consistent and Reliable

The best Jobider professionals are consistent andresponsive, always aim to deliver great results and have solid business ethics.

Being consistent and reliable means prompt communication, ability to meet deadlines, ability to deliver the results they have promised. That also involves meeting all technical requirements – a working computer, a stable Internet connection, and having all needed hardware and software to get the job done.

Be the Best Boss for Yourself

As a Job bidder, you are responsible for your own success. You should manage your projects like a boss would – have a schedule, handle all communication, build great relationships with your clients.

Try your best if you can, but don’t be too harsh on yourself. Having realistic expectations is the best way to ensure job satisfaction – your own and your clients’.

Remember, if you put effort in your work and your communication, your clients will keep returning to you and recommend you again and again. If you want to learn more about building a great relationship with your clients, make sure to read this superb blog post.

Welcome to the Jobider Community!

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We are Hopping that you will enjoy your new career and work happily ever after!