Client Policies

Last modified: April 11th, 2015.

The Jobider Company reserves its right to change the Guidelines & Policies at any time.

1. Identity and client account

The Jobider Community is composed of professional individuals from all over the world. In order for this community to prosper and to keep all interactions transparent, the identity information provided to Jobider must be real and verifiable.

 Jobider allows every user to have only one account. It is prohibited for accounts to be shared with other individuals or duplicated in any way.

Jobider asks that every user endorse a professional logo that is appropriate for this community. More than that, it is strictly prohibited that a user misleads the others by falsely associating himself / herself with another company.

2. Job Posts

The first step to a successful project is to treat the recruiting process in a professional way. Therefore, your post has to be written in English and contain accurate details regarding the project.

All job posts must follow these rules:

Job posts will not contain any contact information or solicit such details outside the Jobider procedure.

Job posts will not contain offensive language or images of any kind.

Job posts may not be published multiple times.

It is against the Jobider policy for the client to address requests that contain illegal activities such as intellectual property theft, copyright infringement or external contracts.

It is against Jobider policy for the client to solicit free work of any type, including posts in which Job bidders are required to send work for a small payment before the submission is awarded.

It is against Jobider policy for the client to solicit payments of any kind from the Job bidder, in order to participate in a project.

It is against Jobider policy for the client to include sexually explicit material in the correspondence with other members of the community.

It is against Jobider policy for the client to solicit the Job bidder to create content that creates a situation of academic integrity infringement or illegality.

The presence of spam content in the job offer or the correspondence is strictly prohibited.

3. Payments

Both clients and Job bidders are prohibited from executing transactions between them outside of the Jobider community. If such proposal occurs, Job bidder strongly advises you to refuse it categorically, and report the abuse.

4. Feedback

Jobider advises that all generated feedback should be honest and objective. This way, every client can contribute to the improvement of the Jobider community and the information transferred from one member to the other.

Feedback is not censored or investigated in any way. However, should a situation arise where the feedback left is clearly falsified or manipulated in order to destroy or overrate another member’s professional dignity and work, these ratings will be deleted.

The types of feedback ratings that are subject to this matter are:

Spam, advertising or other commercial content

Content that endorses illegal activity

Content that personally identifies another user

Content that refers to a person’s political, religious or social inclinations as a relevant condition of that person’s work

Language that contains obscene, slanderous, threatening or discriminatory content.