Jobider Cookie Policy

This policy explains how Jobider uses cookies on (the “Site”). Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how information collected from visitors to the Site, is used. The Jobider Cookie Policy is effective September 15, 2014.

By continuing to use this Site, you show your agreement and acceptance of this Policy. We may modify this Agreement without notifying you, so please check back often for any updates we may have for the Policy.

If you continue to use the Site that means, you agree that we can use the cookies described in this Cookie Policy. You can stop cookies by changing the settings in your browser.

To understand how Jobider uses cookies, you will first need to know what cookies are.

  • Please note – Jobider is the name of the website. The word Jobider means job bidder and is used instead of the word freelancer to represent someone that bids on jobs online.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are simply text files, which contain small amounts of information that are downloaded to your browsing devices, such as a computer or a smartphone when you go to a website. Websites can identify a browsing device that has been there before as they are recognised by the site or by other sites that use the same cookies.

Cookies help us understand how the Site is being used. Cookies allow you to navigate between the pages efficiently, helps remember your preferences and generally improve your browsing experience. Cookies also help users find marketing that are relevant to your interests.

Jobider Cookies

Most websites use the same type of cookies, which can be placed into six categories. Jobider uses all of these categories so that we can provide you with the best browsing experience. Following are the six categories that Jobider uses.

1.Strictly Necessary Cookies

This type of cookie is crucial to your use of the Site as it allows you to move through the Site and use its features. If you do not allow Cookies in your device, you may not be able to access secure areas and may not be able to use some services such as payment submissions.

2.Performance Cookies

These cookies work to collect various information, including how you use the Site, (e.g. which pages that you often visit, and if you receive error messages from specific pages). You are not identifiable via the information that these cookies collect. You will remain anonymous. The information collected will only be used to improve how the Site works.

3.Functionality Cookies

These Cookies enable the Site to remember the choices you make (e.g. your user name, language or the location you are in). These cookies will also remember certain changes that you make such us the text size, font and other customization that you did on other parts of pages. They are also used to provide services that you have requested such as writing comments on a blog or watching a video. The information collected is anonymousness, and your browsing activity on other websites cannot be tracked.

4.Flash Cookies

To help Jobider provide certain content like videos, we may need to use Adobe Flash Player. Local Shared Objects, which is known as Flash Cookies are used in order to provide functions for remembering your settings and preferences. Flash cookies are stored on your device, but they are managed through an interface that is different from the one that is provided by your web browser. As a result, you will not be able to manage Flash cookies through your browser, in the same way, that you would manage cookies. Instead, you can access your Flash management tools from Adobe’s website:


5.Tailored Content Cookies

Through the use of tailored content cookies, the Site is able to provide enhanced features and display the content that is relevant to you. These cookies help the Site is determined what information to show you based on how you have used the site in the past. These cookies do not track your browsing activity on another website.

6.Targeting Cookies

We use Targeting cookies to deliver advertisements that are more relevant to you and your interests. These cookies also limit the number of times that you will see an advertisement and also measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies can remember the sites you have visited which is then shared with other organisations such as advertisers.


How Long Do Cookies Stay on a Browsing Device?

This will depend on if the cookie is a “persistent” or “session” cookie.

A session cookie will only stay on your device until you stop browsing.

A persistent cookie will remain on your device until they have expired, or they are deleted.


What is the difference between First and Third Party Cookies?

First party cookies belong to Jobider.

Third party cookies are cookies that another party and place these on your browsing device through the use of the Jobider site.

Controlling and Deleting Cookies

You can enable, disable and delete cookies through your browser settings.

In order to this, you will need to follow the instructions, provided by your browser. These are generally located in the “Help,” “Tools” or “Edit” section.

If you choose to disable cookies, you may be unable to access certain parts of the Site.

If you are looking for more information on to change your browser cookie settings, you can visit: